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About Us

Sim Racing Mania was born out of pure passion for Motorsport from a team of dedicated and extensively experienced (Virtual) Motorsport enthusiasts. We are a community of virtual racers who just love the challenge of Live-Racing competition from the comfort of our homes, we want to make this the ultimate place to go racing online.
We don’t just have a community of clean and respectful sim-racers, organise amazing leagues using next-Gen state of the art software, hosting in our many 24/7 Solid-Dedicated Servers and include very cool prizes for grabs after every full league. Sim Racing Mania is committed to provide you with everything concerning the world of (Virtual) Motorsport. Latest news about virtual and real life racing, technical support, an extensive selected and pre-tested content download center, the best hi-tech sim racing related hardware, top quality hardware modifications from top sim racing engineer mr Raffaele Bocchino owner of (Manu-Factory Simulators) based in Italy who works close with SRM providing innovative and customisable sim-hardware solutions. We even have a wide range of latest PC components and peripherals at direct-sale prices to provide our members with the best possible deals, try to compare some prices you’ll be surprised.. (the online shop coming soon).
We want to bridge the gap between Real Motorsport and Virtual Motorsport
There are various type of online racing, what we intend with sim-racing is a more realistic approach of the simulation, where physics of the transmission of contact between tires and tarmac are represented in a more accurate way of a real racing car/track.
It is also about how realistic online hosted sessions are organised, most simulation software offers (AIDS) which are tools that stabilize your car and makes it easier to drive, things like traction control, ABS, stability control, anti drifting, the possibility of choosing different and easier camera driving views angles and so on.
In a (realistic sim racing session) all of those aids are (turned off) to give the driver full control and use his own skills to drive fast and get through the race. In addition the session need to be arranged just like a real-life race weekend with practice, qualify, race and full flags should be in place.
Please note that Game-Pads users are not allow to take part in any official race or championship.
Our mission is to help making sim racing a real recognized sport
Over the years spent sim racing we have developed a unique set of rules for online racing inspired from the real FIA and adapted to today’s sim-racing to make sure that fairness and enjoyment are always in full swing. A unique anti-cheat is operating here at SRM during live events to give drivers extra peace of mind.
Our low ping state of the art Dedicated Servers are live right now on rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, pC.A.R.S., GSCExtreme and F1 FIA-Series. Come in for a race and challenge yourself with pro-like drivers on a variety of tracks and car classes.
To take part of full leagues and get more involved with live racing you need to subscribe to our forum. Also subscribe to our website to interact with articles and news, keep updated on new products and deals, results and latest news from both real-life racing and virtual motorsport.

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