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rFactor2 Formula 1 2017 Virtual Championship (Signup HERE)

Discussion in 'F1 2017 Virtual Championship' started by SimRacingMania, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. SimRacingMania

    SimRacingMania Administrator Staff Member


    Welcome to SimRacingMania's rFactor2 Formula 1 2017

    .........................................................................Virtual Championship

    Before enrolling to this League PLEASE know and familiarize with this league's Rules, Penalties & Race Conducts→

    To enroll for the F1 2017 Pro-Championship please post a reply with your name (Real name and surname only) (Even if we have no drivers limits for this league we want to make sure we fill all the 22 cars available before unlocking any other cars, so for now please choose only the cars available from the list at the end of this thread↓).

    Championship Details:
    This league is on every Monday.
    Starts: Monday 6th November 2017
    The christmass break for this league is from Monday 11th December 2017 and will resume on Monday 8th Genuary 2018.

    Setup/Parc Ferme`
    Setup = Fixed
    Parc Ferme`= Open


    Practice Session Opens at 18:00 - Qualify at 20:30(GMT) - Race Start at 20:50(approx) - (UK Times)

    Tracks / Dates
    06/11/17 Australia - Melbourne
    13/11/17 Spain - Barcelona
    20/11/17 Malaysia - Sepang
    27/11/17 Singapore - Marina Bay
    04/12/17 United States - Austin
    11/12/17 Great Britain - Silverstone
    08/01/18 Hungary - Hungaroring
    15/01/18 Belgium - Spa-Francorchamps
    22/01/18 Italy - Monza
    29/01/18 Abu Dhabi - Yas Marina

    TYRES (All season)

    Australia – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    China – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Bahrain – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Russia – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Spain – Soft / Medium / Hard
    Monaco – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Canada – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Azerbaijan – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Austria – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Britain – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Hungary – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Belgium – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Italy – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Singapore – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Malaysia – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Japan – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    USA – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Mexico – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft
    Brazil – Super Soft / Soft / Medium
    Abu Dhabi – Ultra Soft / Super Soft / Soft

    To complete your race you must use at least 2 tires compound so 1 pitstop is mandatory for each race. Also make sure you start your race with the same tyre compound that you have qualified with. Either of these rules infringements with get your race Disqualified.


    Car Mod nd all necessary tracks will download and install automatically as you enter our dedicated server.

    The race will be hosted on our Dedicated Servers, the server will be set for practice one week in advance for each race which will be open to the public. The server will be passworded on race night only.

    SRM Servers Live Timing → http://simracingmania.liveracers.info/Live

    We strongly recommend that all the drivers join our rf2 channel on our teamspeak server for the duration of qualify and race. Please read Teamspeak's RULES at the link below and come say hi any time! → TS-Server Address: ts103.teamspeak3.com:5115 (or launch teamspeak from our homepage at www.simracingmania.net)
    If you don't have Teamspeak DL here: https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads

    -Damage Multiplier: 50%
    -Fuel Consumption: Realistic
    -Degradation tires: Realistic
    -Mecchanical Failure: Normal
    -Regime Flags: Complete
    -Visual Allowed: Dashboard Only (Cockpit)
    -Assists: Automatic Clutch=Yes / TC=No / ABS=No / Stability= No way!

    This is a Team's championship, points are the same for individual drivers and teams ↓

    1st : 25 points
    2nd : 18 points
    3rd : 15 points
    4th : 12 points
    5th : 10 points
    6th : 8 points
    7th : 6 points
    8th : 4 points
    9th : 2 points
    10th : 1 point

    This League is Anti-Cheat Protected
    -ANTI-CHEAT → MANDATORY (Make sure you turn on your SimRacingTOOLS Anticheat Client and that all necessary plugins are installed correctly. Please follow the instructions below
    1) Please go to → http://www.simracingtools.com Register and tell us the name you have registered with so we can add you in our league (set in SimRacingTools) Or find our league (SimRacingMania) and request a slot.
    2) Download the latest version of the SimRacingTools-Client and install it.
    3) Install necessary plugins: On the Anticheat client press the GEAR ICON top right).
    From the 3 buttons select rFactor 2 on the right, now download all the 3 telemetry plugins.
    4) Copy the first (32bit version) and paste it to: C: Program Files/rFactor2/Bin32/Plugins.
    5) Copy the second (64bit version) and paste it to: C: Program Files/rFactor2/Bin64/Plugins.
    6) Copy the 3rd and last (configuration file) and past it to: C: Program Files/rFactor2
    7) Deactivate any Antispam or Antivirus program running in the background)
    8) Start The Anticheat client, now start rFactor 2 and log into the server.

    Choose your car ↓

    Drivers Lineup / Cars Taken

    Valerio Nicolella - Mercedes (Hamilton)
    Luca Furia - Mercedes (Bottas)
    Federico Matese - Renault (Hulkenberg)
    Giovanni Pellitteri - Renault (Palmer)
    Oleg Vasilyev - Ferrari (Vettel)
    Riccardo Morelli - Ferrari (Raikkonen)
    Max Focarelli - Red Bull (Ricciardo)
    Lorenzo Cappellini - Red Bull (Verstappen)
    Martin Oconnor - Toro Rosso (Sainz)
    Stefano Grassi - Toro Rosso (Kvyat)
    Denis Gorelov - Mclaren (Vandoorne)
    Dario Andreoni - McLAren (Alonso)
    Lorenz Dougherty - Sauber (Pascal Wehrlein #94)
    Valerio Margarito - Sauber (Marcus Ericsson)
    Mirco Prosperi - Haas (Magnussen)
    Alessio Coccia - Hass (Grosjean)
    Andrea d’Amico - Williams (Massa)
    Adriano Oppecini - Williams (Stroll)
    Cas Rietveld - Force India (Ocon)
    Robin Crum - Force India (Perez)
    Antonello Mastro - ???/3
    Davide Marongiu - Ferrari (Vettel)
    Adam Freitas - Haas
    Giuseppe Saracino - Toro Rosso (Sainz)
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  2. Valerio Nicolella

    Valerio Nicolella New Member

    Valerio Nicolella - Mercedes
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  3. FedericoMatese

    FedericoMatese Moderator Staff Member

    Federico Matese - Renault #1
    Giovanni Pellitteri - Renault #2
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  4. Gorelov Denis

    Gorelov Denis Member

    Hi all. Is there requirement as in past league about perfoming MOST races? I never can guarantee it.
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  5. ricky90

    ricky90 Moderator Staff Member

    Riccardo Morelli

    Comunicherò a breve la macchina scelta
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  6. dino

    dino Administrator Staff Member

    do as much as you can mate ;)
    Now choose a car :)
  7. ricky90

    ricky90 Moderator Staff Member

    Per la macchina, scelgo la Ferrari

    Inviato dal mio Sony Xperia X Compact utilizzando Tapatalk
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  8. Gorelov Denis

    Gorelov Denis Member

    It seems to me it will be good to try locked set. May be, i cant drive it? Who knows.
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  9. MaxFocarelli

    MaxFocarelli Moderator Staff Member

    Max Focarelli redbull ricciardo
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  10. dino

    dino Administrator Staff Member

  11. Gorelov Denis

    Gorelov Denis Member

    Where can i get it? I visit server and all settings are free?
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  12. dino

    dino Administrator Staff Member

    we havent made it yet, it will be up by this weekend
  13. MaxFocarelli

    MaxFocarelli Moderator Staff Member

    lorenzo cappellini redbull verstappen
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 14, 2017
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  14. martin oconnor

    martin oconnor New Member

    Is it ok if I try the mod before I signup?
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  15. dino

    dino Administrator Staff Member

    Hey there, of course just enter server #2 and it will download and install the mod automatically ;)

    (as usual search as: srm)

    PS: fixed setup is not on yet but it will be soon..
  16. martin oconnor

    martin oconnor New Member

    That's great Dino I'll join the server shortly and get the mod
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  17. martin oconnor

    martin oconnor New Member

    Martin oconnor toro rosso please
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  18. Oleg

    Oleg New Member

    Oleg Vasilyev - Ferrari - Vettel
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  19. Oleg

    Oleg New Member

    Question about fixed setup. Which setup will be fixed?
    It mean one setup for monaco and monza or for each race - new fixed setup?
    And it will be not correct if admin (or moderator) will does comfortable for him setup - and will has advantage in every race.
  20. dino

    dino Administrator Staff Member

    The fixed setup will be made by someone who is not racing in this league and it will slightly vary to adapt it in different tracks, as you mentioned monza and monaco cant have the same gear lenghts for example... Also there will be a few settings which will remain open like braking, front wing etc..
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