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Super Race 11 SUZUKA (15/05/17)

Discussion in 'Super12 (Ended June 2017)' started by SimRacingMania, May 9, 2017.

By SimRacingMania on May 9, 2017 at 10:04 AM
  1. SimRacingMania

    SimRacingMania Administrator Staff Member


    Welcome to Race #11 Of SUPER12 – SUZUKA
    43 LAPS on Soft / Medium

    Race1 Feb 27th. Dubai
    Race2 Mar 6th. Bugatti Le Mans
    Race3 Mar 13th. Road America
    Race4 Mar 20th. Silverstone
    Race5 Mar 27th. Paul Ricard
    Race6 Apr 3rd. Toban GP
    Race7 Apr 10th. Spa
    No Race Apr 17th. (Easter Break)
    Race8 Apr 24th. Sebring
    Race9 May 1st. Monza
    Race10 May 8th. Brno
    Race11 May 15th. Suzuka
    Race12 May 22nd. Adelaide
    Grand Finale May 29th. Imola

    Introducing new Rule No.6.1 (Qualify Target Time)

    Make sure you read the details of Super12 new rule (6.1 Qualify Target Time) HERE

    Also we'd like to remind you the way BLUE FLAGS works as we saw a blue flags mess in the last race, this time from faster drivers who were overlapping slower drivers..
    Read 2.12 of super12 rules! → 2.12 BLUE FLAGS

    *Learn more about BLUE FLAGS FIA standards here: http://www.flagmarshal.com/fia-rules/

    Before entering this league, it is your responsibility to read and familiarise this this league’s rules & penalties.
    Full Rules: http://www.simracingmania.net/forum/index.php?threads/super12-rules-penalties.285/
    A couple of basic rules that apply to this league;
    -There will be a minimum 50km practice during the week so that we can ensure all drivers are familiar with the circuit, this is checked in our server’s liveracers accounthttp://simracingmania.liveracers.info/Live/?server=~SIM-RACING-MANIA F1 2015~


    Date: 01/05/2017
    Times: (GMT)
    Practice 1 from 18:00(GMT) — Qualify at 21:00(GMT) — Race: 21:20(GMT)

    RACE LAPS= 43
    To start the race you must use the same compound that you have used to qualify.
    To finish your race you must use both tire compounds.

    – Damage Multiplier= 50%;
    – Fuel Consumption: 1= Normal
    – Degradation tires: 1x= Normal
    – Mecchanical Failure= Normal
    – Flags: Realistic
    – Driving View Allowed= Dashboard Only
    – Driving Helps= Automatic Clutch= yes. Nothing else allowed.

    Weather: Dry, Clear, Track Temp. 25c.

    Track: Matsusaka (Suzuka GP)


    Team: Jack Danels/Nike(JDN) - Drivers: #1 Giordano Valeriano / #81 Valerio Margarito
    Team: Apple/Marvel(AM) - Drivers: Alex Curcio #22 / Max Focarelli #13
    Team: C.L.(CL) - Drivers: #16 Federico Matese / #12 Giovanni Pellitteri
    Team: Squderia Ichnusa(SI) - Drivers: #72 Marcello Mura / #73 Tore Spanu
    Team: Nvidia Racing(NR) - Drivers: #9 Martin Oconnor / #52 Danny Ribbans
    Team: LAI Engineering(NR) - Drivers: #3 Michael Vigolo / #83 Roberto Lai
    Team: BlueBolt Tigers(BBT) - Drivers: Lorenzo cappellini / Francesco Leone
    Team: BlueBolt Lions(BBL) - Drivers: Cristian Pasqual / Stefano Zanrosso
    Team: Curcio & Mastro Tyres(CM) - Drivers: Cristian Curcio / #4 Antonello Mastrodonato
    Team: Squderia Rubino/Nutella Racing(RN) - Drivers: #7 Riccardo Morelli / #23 Dino Faldetta
    Team: Vodka-Selyodka/Kraftwerk Volvo(VSKV) - Drivers: #8 Gorelov Denis / #63 Max Spooner
    Team: Ufo Engineering(UE) - Drivers: #33 Westley Stefano / #48 Pier
    Team: Realising Designs Racing(RDR) - Drivers: #5 Rob Lawrie / #46 Lozzo Ribbans

    Super12 Driver's Points Scoring System
    1st (Winner)= 30 points
    2nd (2nd Podium)= 25 points
    3rd (3rd Podium)= 20 points
    4th (Race top10!)= 16 points
    5th (Race top10!)= 13 points
    6th (Race top10!)= 10 points<
    7th (Race top10!)= 8 points
    8th (Race top10!)= 7 points
    9th (Race top10!)= 6 points
    10th (Race top10!)= 5 points <
    11th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
    12th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
    13th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
    (14th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
    15th (Race finisher!)= 3 points <
    16th (Race finisher!)=2 points
    17th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
    18th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
    19th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
    20th (Race finisher!)= 2 points <
    21th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
    22th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
    23rd (Race finisher!)= 1 point
    24th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
    25th (Race finisher!)= 1 points

    "No finish line no Points"

    -ANTI-CHEAT → MANDATORY (Make sure you turn on your SimRacingTOOLS Anticheat Client and that all necessary plugins are installed correctly. Please follow the instructions below
    1) Please go to → http://www.simracingtools.com Register find our league or our club (SimRacingMania) and request a slot.
    2) Download the latest version of the SimRacingTools-Client and install it.
    3) Install necessary plugins: On the Anticheat client press the GEAR ICON top right).
    From the 3 buttons select rFactor 2 on the right, now download all the 3 telemetry plugins.
    4) Copy the first (32bit version) and paste it to: C: Program Files/rFactor2/Bin32/Plugins.
    5) Copy the second (64bit version) and paste it to: C: Program Files/rFactor2/Bin64/Plugins.
    6) Copy the 3rd and last (configuration file) and past it to: C: Program Files/rFactor2
    7) Deactivate any Antispam or Antivirus program running in the background)
    8) Start The Anticheat client, now start rFactor 2 and log into the server.
    (We will advice drivers NOT to use SRT Ancticheat if there are problems with SRT Servers before the race starts)

    Please Let us know if you can't race, thank you.


Discussion in 'Super12 (Ended June 2017)' started by SimRacingMania, May 9, 2017.

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