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Logitech G25 G27 G29 Mods by 3DRap


If you own a Logitech G25 nowadays you own a precious piece of sim racing history and if you still love to use it we have good news for you today, there are inexpensive ways to drastically improve your G25/G27/G29 all around!


Italian sim racing club PlayerZone in collaboration with 3DRap srls (digital prototyping laboratory) also located in Italy have developed some very interesting and inexpensive MODS for the Logitec G25/G27/G29.
These simple but brilliant ideas came directely from experienced sim racers, they are 3D printed and entirely made of PLA (polylactic acid: zero impact polymer, biodegradable in industrial installations to 70 ° C and 77% of a minimum humidity, obtained from renewable sources)..
We have tested most of the mods and had a very positive outcome on all of them, installation was also very straight forward and took about 15 to 20mins to complete.
There is a complete range of different mods for Logitech wheels, they vary from reinforced clamps to sport wheel mounts, we will illustrate some of them which we have installed and tested in this article.

My first installation was the 3DRap brake Mod, I had the NIXIM mod which costed around £25 and it consists in a progressive spring and a piece of hard foam to insert into the spring. It wasn’t all bad but compared with this mod lets just say that my nixim mod is now in the bin. The 3DRap Brake Pedal MOD “Rally/GT” does really drastically improve your brake pedal, giving you a much more progressive feel and resistance.
They come in two types, strong (R) and very strong (F).


Next I installed the 3DRap H-Shifter improved feel Mod and straight away I thought that this is a simple idea but that works like a charm. Reinforcing your gear shaft this MOD does make your H-Shifter feel less toyish and all around more dynamic.


I Completed the H-Shifter modification with the “H-Shifter “Type Plate, Step 2 mod” which allows to strengthen the grafts of the lever for extra resistance.


I had fun adjusting and creating different pedal configurations with the Pedals Thickeners from 3DRap; Suitable for all Logitech pedals this is a dual function mod, it allow you to lift the brake and clutch pedal to differ from the throttle making it a more realistic driving experience. The second function is to move the pedals left or right adjusting the spacing between them to create different pedals configurations.

pedal-shim pedal-set-shims-g27pedal-movers

The Clutch pedal Mod is another simple and great idea, it is fantastic to have all 3 pedals feeling different from each other! For all Logitech pedals set this Mod hardens the clutch pedal by preloading the spring making it all around more realistic.


If you ever need to replace the claps for your Logitech wheel 3DRap, currently the only company in the world that is producing them and they are much stronger than the original ones! They come in two types, standard or extra large plus the screw which are all sold separately.


Hub adapter G27 + Buttons; fully compatible with G27’s original buttons this adapter will lift weight of a traditional alluminium flange making the whole structure more stable, it also sits closer than a traditional flange avoiding ruptures between the bearing and the structural terminal. The G27 HUB also has the button adapter which means you wont lose any of your original G27 on-wheel buttons.

centre32541g27 mozzo_adattatore_g27_1


We believed in 3DRap’s innovative way of thinking and producing solutions and improvements to existing sim racing equipment, every mod we have tested and tried did exactly what is supposed to do and we felt the improvements straight away.

We are glad to announce that you can now buy any of their mods in our shop in the section (Unique Modding & Software). We hope 3DRap will in the future cover other wheel brands like Thrustmaster in the mean time enjoy improving your G25/G27/G29.
     ↓ To buy any of these MODs click on the image below ↓

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