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Online-Racing Tutorial


So you want to start racing online, let’s see if you are in the right place..    
There are various type of online racing, what we intend with sim-racing is a more realistic approach of the simulation, where physics of the transmission of contact between tires and tarmac are represented in a more accurate way of a real racing car/track.
It is also about how realistic online hosted sessions are organised, most simulation software offers (AIDS) which are tools that stabilize your car and makes it easier to drive, things like traction control, ABS, stability control, anti drifting, the possibility of choosing different and easier camera driving views angles and so on.
In a (realistic sim racing session) all of those aids are (turned off) to give the driver full control and use his own skills to drive fast and get through the race. In addition the session need to be arranged just like a real-life race weekend with practice, qualify, race and full flags should be in place.
Our mission is to help making sim racing a real recognized sport.
“Here at SimRacingMania we organise (Realistic) sim racing events on PC, if this is the kind of racing you are after, you are in the right place”
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Racing online means you need to have some racing game installed in your PC.
“There are tons of racing games titles out there but only a few stands out..”
If you are after “realistic simulation” the choices are plenty but when you put everything into consideration that choice shrinks into a few. Our main choice of a simulation software is rFactor 2. It might doesn’t offers superior quality graphics as many new software do this days but when you compare the physics, the FFB, the exceptional and incomparable (real road technology) it offers together with a complete and professional online session management and the very large community of users, the graphic’s lacking come down to second if not third place. This is also a mod-dev software which means that the community can develop new tracks and cars as they like so after the initial purchase of RF2 the content you can get for free is simply immense.
If you want to start with an excellent software and one that we use constantly around here rFactor 2 is your essential software to get right away.
Buy rFactor2 HERE →
We also like and consider to be a great sim racing software Assetto Corsa with great physics and FFB, highly realistic graphics and most importantly Laser Scanned tracks! Most cars are a pleasure to drive and the choice of car class are many and with the possibility of modding new tracks and cars means the choice is almost infinite. Their online session manager lacks of a few fundamental options but quite usable on organised events.
Project C.A.R.S. We are very proud of having been involved with the development as a community user/tester. pCars is an amazing piece of software, the cars and tracks it provides are numerous and really fun to drive and has endless graphical and physical options to customize almost every little detail of the game. The game have been developed with people like Ben Collins (The Stig) and Nicolas Hamilton as their physic consultant working directly with the development team and has some of the best ever seen graphics, with day/night transition, amazing rain effects and so much more means you can have proper endurance races.
harware var
Choosing your sim-racing hardware should not be too difficult, the choices are plenty and for all kind of pockets, we will mention a few wheels that you feel are very good for the price they cost.
There are wheels and pedal sets with costs that range from £50 to whatever you can afford. If you are new to sim-racing but you are sure you are interested in becoming a sim-racer we suggest to start from a decent but not too expensive wheel/pedals set something like a Logitech G27 (around £200) or G29 (around £250) should give you a lot of fun and the necessary tools to learn and become good at sim-racing. It includes plenty of customisable buttons a good force feedback and is well known for it’s reliability. If you aren’t sure sim-racing is ‘all you want in life’ you can start from cheaper hardware, something like the Logitech Driving Force GT with prices from (£125) is also an excellent first choice.
The need to a better and more accurate wheel comes with the experience gained. A big step up in quality and accuracy but not very much in price would be the Thurstmaster T500rs (which includes pedals and wheel and costs around £360.00) or the Thurstmaster TX Servo Base (comes with no wheel nor pedals and the base only costs around £230) you can then add the T500rs pedals and GT wheel or the F1 Ferrari MOD wheel which you can purchase separately.
You can clamp any of the above mentioned wheels to any desk or table, leaving the pedals on the floor you are all set to go live sim-racing! This position can get really uncomfortable especially in long race sessions so with time you will also feel the need of mounting all of your sim-hardware devices on to a sim-rig, there plenty to choose from. A good starter suggestion would be the Challenge Gaming Chair for Steering Wheels from Playseat (around £129), if you are looking for a better cockpit at reasonable price check out the ART Racing Simulator Cockpit RS6 from GT Omega (around £299) or the Open Wheeler Racing Seat for £350 (complete).
Basic Requirements (simplified)
  • Personal Computer with a fast CPU and GPU
  • Internet Connection (at least 20mbps)
  • Games installed in your PC, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, pCARS, GSC, F1 2015
  • Racing Wheel + Pedal Set
  • Become a member of our racing club by subscribing to our forum


Please note; we don’t allow users with Game-Pads to join live races or championships.

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