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SimRacingMania SUPER 12 Signups are Now Open



After the successful Openwheeler leagues we had in 2014, 2015 and 2016 we are proud to announce that our new season will be done with our bespoke SRM-V12 fCar and subscriptions are now Open!
Welcome to Super12 Subscriptions are now officially open→  HERE
There are a couple of basic rules that apply to this league;
  • Before enrolling to this League PLEASE know and familiarize with this league’s Rules, Penalties & Race Conducts→ Super12 RULES & PENALTIES
  • 50km minimum weekly practice so that we can ensure all drivers are familiar with the circuit, this is checked in our server’s liveracers account F1 2015~
  • We conduct our races in our teamspeak server (, the use of teamspeak is not mandatory but we do suggest every racer to be in TS, it helps when techical errors happen restart sessions etc.. and is a big help to warn drivers on track during races. Make sure you read the teamsoeak rule no. (4.1) in the full rules link above.
  • This is a FIXED SETUP League.

Test Race
Feb (TBA soon)
Track: Magny Cours (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
Official Calendar Super12 Series 1
-12 rounds starting Monday 27th Feb 2017 from 20:00pm
Tracks/Dates/Times (GMT)
1 Feb 27th. Dubai (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
2 Mar 6th. Bugatti Le Mans (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
3 Mar 13th. Road America (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
4 Mar 20th. Silverstone (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
5 Mar 27th. Paul Ricard (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
6 Apr 3rd. Nurbugring (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
7 Apr 10th. Spa (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
8 Apr 17th. Sebring (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
9 Apr 24th. Monza (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
10 May 1stth. Brno (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
11 May 8th. Suzuka (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
12 May 15th. Adelaide (Fixed Setup/Open Parc Ferme`)
Times: (GMT)
Practice 1 from 18:00(GMT) — Qualify at 20:45(GMT) — Race: 21:00(GMT)
Races Length: is 70% of a classic GP race:
Example; the Australian GP is 64 laps; 70% of 64 is= 44.8 so that race would be 45 Laps.

Super12 Driver’s Points Scoring System
“SRM unique scoring system”
1st (Winner)= 30 points
2nd (2nd Podium)= 25 points
3rd (3rd Podium)= 20 points
4th (Race top10!)= 16 points
5th (Race top10!)= 13 points
6th (Race top10!)= 10 points<
7th (Race top10!)= 8 points
8th (Race top10!)= 7 points
9th (Race top10!)= 6 points
10th (Race top10!)= 5 points <
11th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
12th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
13th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
(14th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
15th (Race finisher!)= 3 points <
16th (Race finisher!)=2 points
17th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
18th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
19th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
20th (Race finisher!)= 2 points <
21th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
22th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
23rd (Race finisher!)= 1 point
24th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
25th (Race finisher!)= 1 points
(1 point to all race finishers after 21st)
No finish line – No points (Unless you have raced for more than 75% and you have a failure which was not your fault, report to an admin to review in that case)
Teams Teams / team mates will be announced before the race and team’s scoring system is identical as the driver’s team scoring. “No finish line no Points”.

The Car

In collaboration with and a special thanks goes to HJK_Modding_Groep we have created a concept openwheeler car which is quite unique in it’s style of use so we thought we give you a little head up about using the SRM-V12 fCar in race.
Instructions Manual
The SRM-V12 fCar has a 5.5cc V12 Turbo engine mounted on a very modern F1 style car, this huge power unit on this super light bodywork gives this car a whopping monster 1750 horsepower!
We did not want DRS for this car, (we didn’t want to be restricted with selecting only tracks that have DRS activations points).
Although there is no drs we do have some tricks in the mod; we have added 3 levels of ENGINE BOOST MAPPING and 3 levels of FUEL MIXTURE, 3 being the highest setting.
Both this settings make you go REALLY FAST when both on at level 3 (Qualify-Mod) but be aware when using them wile in-race, (your fuel consuption will be much much higher! Everything else will also last shorter; tires, engines over heating, brakes etc..)
“You are in charge of your own race strategy, use them wisely..”
To use these settings you need to map 4 buttons;
Buttons / Settings
For Engine Boost Mapping set buttons: Increment Boost & Decrement BoostFor Fuel Mixture set buttons: Increment Mixture & Decrement Mixture.
(You find these sets in rF2 /settings / Controls / Driving).
PS. Most likely we will pre-set the engine boost and lock it for each race..
We strongly suggest to lower your brake and throttle sensibility, also to adjust your brakes and increse your rear brakes, something like (52/47s..)
Use of Tyres
You get 7 tires compounds with this mod: Qualify tires (Purple) / SuperSoft (Red) / Soft (Yellow) / Medium (White) / Hard Orange / Intermediate (Green) / Wet (Blue).
You are allowed to use Qualify Compound ONLY during the qualify session. This is your ONLY time to get some GRIPPY FUN!
To start the race you can choose between the 2 regulatory tires announced for each track.
To finish your race you must use both tire compounds.
Refuel is implemented in this mod, the full tank will not be sufficient to complete any of the races in the calendar, so you have to refuel at least once to finish a race. You can organise your refuel piststops with your tire change pitstop/s in your car setup.
To test/get the mod: Once you have entered your name we will send you a message within our forum with the password to enter our servers so that you can automatically download and install the SRM-V12 fCar. (This mod is to be kept private for the duration of Super12, DO NOT SHARE IT!)

Entries so far:
Name……………Car no. …..Team Name
1. Riccardo Morelli – Car #7 – Squderia Rubino (SR)
2. Gorelov Denis – Car #8 – Vodka-Selyodka Racing (VSR)
3. Tore Spanu – Car #73 – Scuderia Ichnusa (SI)
4. Marcello Mura – Car #72 – Scuderia Ichnusa (SI)
5. Alex Curcio – Car # 22 – Apple Racing Team (ART)
6. Rob Lawrie – Car #5 – Realising Designs Racing (RDR)
7. Dino Faldetta- Car #23 – Nutella Racing Team (NRT)
8. Valerio Margarito – Car #81 – Nike Racing Team (NKRT)
9. Chris – Car #78 – Team: none
10. Antonello (Ventus) – Car#3 – Team: Pizza & Fichi (PF)
11. Max Focarelli – Car #13 – none
12. Giordano Valeriano – Car #1 – Jack Daniels (JD)
13. Martin Oconnor – Car #? – Nvidia Racing Team (NVRT)
14. Roberto Lai – Car #83 – Team: LAI Engineering (LE)
15. Michael Vigolo – Car#3 – Team: LAI Engineering (LE)
16. Max Spooner Car #63 – Team: Kraftwerk Quatermass Volvo (KQV)
17. Marco Bellagamba – Car #11 – Team: Bellagio Racing (BR)
18. Fulvio Giordano – Car #46 – Team: Bellagio Racing (BR)
19. Federico Matese – Car #16 – Team: C.L. (CL)
20. Giovanni Pellitteri – Car #12 – Team: C.L. (CL)
21. Lorenzo Cappellini – Car #2 – Team: BlueBolt Tigers (BBT)
22. Francesco Leone – Car #25 – Team BlueBolt Tigers (BBT)
23. Cristian Pasqual – Car #21 – Team: Blue Bolt Lions (BBL)
24. Stefano Zanrosso – Car #17 – Team: Blue Bolt Lions (BBL)
25. Loucas Afxentiou – Car #99 – Team: none
26. Pier – Car #48- Team: none
27. Westley Stefano – Car #33 – Team: Ufo Engineering
You can personalise your car! (after you signup)




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