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Studio 397 Marcel Offermans on the developments within rfactor 2

Marcel Offermans Studio 397
It was a beautiful weekend for our General Assembly in Loosdrecht, we have (over) 5 anniversary expanded to a multi-day event. We were especially honored that Marcel Offermans wanted to come to this special occasion to tell you about Studio 397 and the development of rFactor 2.
In practice, we could already see what the future would bring us on rFactor 2, the virtual reality capabilities in conjunction with DX11.
It was interesting to hear how the ‘acquisition’ of rFactor 2 came about: it started as a partnership, but a piece of bluff poker made Studio 397 taking over the entire project.. We saw previews of the new User Interface which makes tools like Live Racers quite unnecessary, and more important for us: the results system that can be easily embedded in our new website also to make it easier for admins to manage servers, weight penalty or other matters assigned to users within the server.
In addition, it was of course the transition to DX11, the complete infrastructure has to be rebuilt.  This is because rFactor 2 wasn’t made for DX11 in the base, priority was given to the development of the packages and so rFactor 2 was made for DX9.
What followed were some very nice screenshots, without filters, pure adaptation of DX9 to DX11 without too many tweaks to the existing content. What stood out was the beautiful light, both the low-hanging sun and its reflection on the cars. Even details like rear lights and shadows that dynamically move across the surface. Or dynamic light from artificial lighting along the path, this was a texture until now, now it really is a lamp.
We also saw something else: DOF, ie, Depth-of-Field. Something is still missing when on the TV cameras in rFactor 2. iRacing and Assetto Corsa have this well made and gives a pretty realistic picture from the TV cameras, the subject were (the car) is sharp, but the background and the foreground more vague , such as a lens works. You would think this would weigh heavily in terms of performance, but an added benefit is that since you just blurs the background, you can load a lower LOD by car. On balance: better graphics, and less stressful for the PC. Anyhow the first tests showed that DX11 is lighter than DX9.
New content; Marcel gave us a very careful tip about content. There will be a large number of tracks and cars released this year and probably a high-end formula car but licenses have yet to be signed so this is still behind the scene.
There is a deal with the Circuit Zandvoort, we can soon be on an official version from S397 to drive on the dune circuit.
Incidentally, there was a conscious decision to keep the name rFactor 2 and example not to rFactor 3, because of the current contracts with the various licensees. There was also talks about so-called DLC content, which will come probably for sale on Steam.
All in all, lots of nice developments, the first update to DX11 we would already have seen coming next month. This, coupled with the new user interface and new graphical updates, be sure rFactor 2 also is the ideal simulator for SRVN in the coming years.

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