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Super8 ‘The rFactor2 League Central’ official Endurance Championship

Hello all, we have been thinking long and hard about organising a league within the Facebook group (rFactor2 League Central)and here we are ready to launch!

This is #Super8 “The rFactor2 League Central official Endurance Championship”
To signup please subscribe to this forum on the main page and then write a reply below here, leave your real name and the name of your team (which club you are driving for and relative links). If you are not driving for any club/team please write: Team SRM (a team mate will be assigned to you before the league starts).
(Only real names + surnames are allowed in the server and in this forum)
Please use this format to subscribe↓
Team: (.example.) SRM (Sim Racing Mania) (Do write the full name of your team/club and if you can include a link)
Driver: (real name)
Car: Oreca 07 #99 1.41 (.example.)
Car number: #25 (.example.) (if you make your own number)
Signup HERE
League Admins: Rob LawrieValerio MargaritoDino Faldetta
Server up and running for practices, search: SimRacingMania-Super8
*Super8 rFactor2 League Central Endurance Championship Details*
Car mod: Enduracers – S397 ORECA-07 v1.41, (Car’s details at the bottom of this thread ↓)
A couple of basic rules that apply to this league;
1) Before entering this league, it is your responsibility to read and familiarise with this league’s rules & penalties HERE…gue-central-world-series-rules-penalties.336/
2) We suggest to get familiar with the circuits and put in the practice for each race.
This is because we don’t want drivers to show up for the race unprepared and joining in the last minute. There are many drivers who put in a lot of practice during the week and having their race ruined by some drivers who haven’t had the time or the commitment to practice is just not fair for anyone.
3) You are all invited to our Discord Channel Invite:
4) To all drivers:
Once you have entered your name we will send you an invite to a multi private conversation within this forum so that we can share server passwords, race info etc..
Test Race
Nov 20th. Portimao (Weather Clear, time= normal)

Official Calendar Super8 (rFactor2 League Central Series)

8 Rounds starting Tuesday 20th Nov 2018 (Test Race), 15mins Qualify at 20:45, 48 Minutes Race.
All Tracks: Portimao-TEST, Spa, Paul Ricard, Le Mans, silverstone, monza, Fuji, Shanghai, Sebring
Times: (GMT)
Practice 1 from 18:00(GMT) — Qualify at 20:45(GMT) — Race: 21:00(GMT)
Races Length: 48 mins
TEST Race Dec 4th. Portimao (Weather Clear, time= normal)
Race1 Dec 18th. SPA (Weather: Clear, time= normal)
Race2 Jan 8th. Paul Ricard (Weather: Light Clouds, time=normal)
break***Merry Xmass All***break
Race3 Jan 22nd. Le Mans (Weather: Clear + 24th Hr cycle= Time x30)
Race4 Feb 5th. Silverstone (Weather Overcast + moments of Rain)
Race5 Feb 19th. Monza (Weather: Sunny)
Race6 Mar 5th. Fuji (Weather: Cloudy + moments of rain)
Race7 Mar 19th. Shanghai (Weather: clear + Race starts at night, end at daylight)
Race8 Apr 2nd. Grand Finale, Sebring (Weather: clear + 24th Hr Cycle= Time x30)
SCORING (Drivers/Teams)
Super8 Drivers+Teams Points Scoring System
1st (Winner)= 30 points
2nd (2nd Podium)= 25 points
3rd (3rd Podium)= 20 points
4th (Race top10!)= 16 points
5th (Race top10!)= 13 points
6th (Race top10!)= 10 points<
7th (Race top10!)= 8 points
8th (Race top10!)= 7 points
9th (Race top10!)= 6 points
10th (Race top10!)= 5 points <
11th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
12th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
13th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
14th (Race finisher!)= 3 points
15th (Race finisher!)= 3 points <
16th (Race finisher!)=2 points
17th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
18th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
19th (Race finisher!)= 2 points
20th (Race finisher!)= 2 points <
21th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
22th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
23rd (Race finisher!)= 1 point
24th (Race finisher!)= 1 point
25th (Race finisher!)= 1 points
(1 point to all Race Finishers)
No finish line – No points (Unless you have raced for more than 70% and you have a failure or accident where you are not a fauld, report to an admin to review in that case, points will assigned to you at RD discretion)
– Damage Multiplier= 50%;
– Fuel Consumption: 1= Normal
– Degradation tires: 1x= Normal
– Mecchanical Failure= Normal
– Flags: Black Only
– Driving View Allowed= Dashboard Only
– Driving Helps= Automatic Clutch= yes. Nothing else allowed.

Cars available ↓

PS, If anyone can help with personalising skins please let us know
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